Gel Nails

The health of your nails is important to us and we offer BIOSCULPT GEL nails, a modern nail friendly alternative to acrylic. This odourless fume free system strengthens and promotes the growth of the natural nails leaving them with a flexible, strong glossy finish.


The gel is applied to your natural nail allowing it to grow and breath naturally underneath. Watch how quickly your nails grow.

Full set of Gel nails

Clear                   £25.00   
French                 £32.75
Full colour           £31.00
Clear & white      £27.50
Gel Toes              £28.50

GEL Pedicure

Excellent on toe nails, no worn or ragged edges.Can last up to 6 weeks without any touching up, perfect for summer and includes French finish. 

Nail maintenance

As your natural nails grow you will begin to see the the nail growth around the cuticle area. this will need maintaining depending upon the rate of your own nail growth. Finger nails only.  

French or full colour :  two weeks maintenance                £22.50


Other nail care

Soak off Gel for new set                                                    £ 5.00
Soak off Gel and nail tidy ( no new set)                             £10.50
Soak off nails applied by others and tidy (no new set)        £15.50
Nail repair/replacement: per nail                                      £ 4.00

Shellac Nails

Say Goodbye to nicks and scratches  with 14 day wear high gloss fabulous nails.

Shellac full colour set on hands or toes                            £21.50
Shellac pedicure                                                             £28.00
Soak off Shellac for new set                                             £ 3.50

Soak off Shellac and tidy (no new set)                            £10.50



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