Eye Treatments inc Lashes

Eyebrow shape

A reshape or just a tidy up using some warm wax or tweezers. A consultation will be carried out beforehand. You are welcome to bring pictures of the desired effect.
£ 9.50

Eye brow tint

Brows can be matched up to hair colour or just simply be made more noticeable.

Eyelash tint

Perfect just before a holiday, hay fever sufferers or if you simply have difficulties in putting on mascara. Gives the eyes a sparkle and lasts for 4-6 weeks.  

Eyelash lash & brow tint 


Eyelash lash perm


Cluster eyelashes 


Eye combi 

Eye brow shape, lash and brow tint in one convenient package


A High Definition brow using the techniques of tinting, waxing, tweezing and threading, followed by makeup to give you that celebrity feel.       



IMPORTANT : Please note that you will need to have had a tint test carried out in the salon at least 48hrs before tinting, perming , lash application or 3D Brows.