Dermalogica Facials

The moment your skin changed. Forever.

When Dermalogica meets skin, skin health is redefined. Our promise to you is that your skin will never have felt as clean, or as healthy, as after one of our professional services; nor will you leave our Skin Bar® without truly understanding your skin, and its needs. 

Our therapists are among the best trained in the industry, and have postgraduate certification from The International  Dermal Institute.

What does that mean for your skin? Quite simply:

Real Treatments. Real Answers. Real Products. Real Results!

Our Services

Face mapping® skin analysis | 10 minutes : FREE of CHARGE

Our Face Mapping® skin analysis takes all the guesswork out of getting results. Your Dermalogica Skin Therapist will diagnose your skin’s concerns and prescribe a no-nonsense home care and treatment regime to deliver your optimum skin health in your 14 unique zones. A professional consultation that reveals your skin’s past, present… and healthiest future.   A Complimentary service !

skin bar® | 15 mins:                                                             £10.00

Test-drive your prescribed regimen under the guidance of a professional Skin Therapist. At Skin Bar®, you can learn about your skin with Face Mapping®, and then learn how to use the products, hands-on. £10.00 charge is redeemable against Dermalogica product purchases.

microZone® | 20 mins                                                           £20.00

A quick fix Dermalogica skin treatment to address your top skin concern for maximum results in the minimum of time.

the Dermalogica® skin treatment| 60 mins                      £40.00

Totally designed to meet your specific needs, the Dermalogica Skin Treatment is 100% customised for each individual client and includes Double cleansing,exfoliation, extraction, massage, masque, tone and skin protection

Luxury Dermalogica Treatment | 90 mins                         £55.00

As above but includes a fabulous soothing back massage... beautiful !

Microderm Skin Treatment | 30 mins                                  £36.00

Light rejuvenation treatment releases tiny crystals onto the skin and then removes them by a suction process, lifting and resurfacing the skin texture. Helps with pigmentation , fine lines, wrinkles scarring and blocked pores.

Microderm Skin Treatment | 60 mins                                  £52.00

 The ultimate facial ! A combination of Micro-dermabrasion followed by a Luxury Lifting Mask giving extreme and lasting results