Cuts & Finishes

Hair – "the gown you never take off"

There's nothing like a change in hair style or colour for an instant "New Look, New You", and can be an instant transformation. If you are looking for something less radical, then professional conditioning and specialised hair treatments can get the hair looking healthy and shiny (it makes you feel good to!)


For children's cuts & finishes...
Cleansing treatmentsComplimentary

see our Young People section
Intensive conditioning£  5.50

Ladies' cut & finishfrom

Men's cut & finishfrom
Graduate Stylist

Graduate Stylist


Senior Designer

Senior Designer £23.00
Creative Designer

Creative Designer £25.00
Senior Creative Designer

Senior Creative Designer£28.00
Salon Consultant

Salon Director

Redesigns - additional
£ 5.00    
Blow dry / Finishing
Long hair


Graduate Stylist£11.50

Stylist £14.00

Designer £17.00

Senior Designer£19.50

Creative Designer£21.50

Senior Creative Designer£23.50

Salon Consultant/Director£25.00

Extra for curl
£  7.50

Hair up (from)

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